Company background

Established in 1994, 3B Holdings is a proprietary limited company incorporated in Sydney, Australia. Starting out as Software and Communication Consultants, 3B has expanded to include:

  • Hardware Engineering
  • Web-Applications
  • Web/Graphic Design
  • Management of Information Systems (MIS) support.

3B currently provides engineering resources to businesses operating in Television, the Banking/Financial sector, and Communications industry.

Recently, 3B has spun off a remote MIS business with the aim of tapping into the emerging Application Service Providers (ASP) market. Called Inteworks, this business's charter is to provide core IT infrastructure to Small to Meduim Enterprises (SME), who find it a burden to manage these systems in-house. These services include:

  • Email
  • File Storage & Backups
  • Intranets/Web Hosting & E-commerce.

Current projects